It was an absolute pleasure for the CSR-Innovative Solutions team to participate in the Final Conference for Building a Socially Responsible Business Environment in the beautiful city of Varna, Bulgaria. Hosted by our esteemed Bulgarian partner, Национална асоциация на социално отговорните работодатели (НАСОР/NASOR), this conference was a testament to the growing importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in today’s global business landscape.

One of the highlights of the event was the impactful presentation delivered by CSR-Innovative Solutions, where we shared insights into sustainable practices from Norway. We were thrilled to showcase the innovative approaches and best practices that are driving positive change in the realm of CSR. All presented practices and case studies are included in the Handbook developed by CSR Innovative Solutions and NASOR.

A huge shoutout to NASOR for their exceptional efforts in organizing this conference and bringing together key stakeholders committed to advancing sustainable principles. Your dedication and hard work truly made this event a success!

This conference is part of a larger initiative, generously funded by Innovation Norway, aimed at “Building a Socially Responsible Business Environment.” Through this project, CSR-Innovative Solutions and NASOR are working hand in hand to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge, and promote CSR initiatives between Norway and Bulgaria.

Key objectives of our joint project include:

🌐 Creating Sustainable Social Inclusion: Ensuring that CSR initiatives contribute to a more inclusive society where everyone can actively participate and benefit.

💼 Advising Businesses: Providing guidance and support to businesses in Bulgaria to help them understand and implement CSR practices for long-term success.

🌈 Improving Quality of Life: Striving to enhance the overall well-being and work-life balance of employees through CSR initiatives.

📊 Assessing Value Creation and Risks: Evaluating the impact of CSR initiatives on various stakeholders and assessing their long-term value creation potential.

We are incredibly proud to be part of this collaborative effort and remain committed to driving positive change in the business community. Together, we can build a more socially responsible and sustainable future!

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