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Imagine a future where your business operations not only perform at their peak but also contribute to a sustainable and responsible industry. At CSR Innovative Solutions, we bring that vision to life. Our innovative solutions not only measure performance metrics but empower you to lead in the sustainability, data transparency and automatization of ESG reporting. We understand that in the era of environmental consciousness,  implementing sustainable CSR solutions and optimizing performance are at the forefront of your goals.

That’s why we introduced a Greenovating solution that not only measures machinery metrics but also transforms the way you approach sustainability and ESG reporting.


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Greenify your future with informed sustainability decisions for zero emissions

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Invest in a sustainable future with our impactful CSR training and planning to maximize your growth

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Effortless CSRD reporting process to meet ESRS regulatory standards with ease

Achieve EU imposed ESG Compliance!

Our cutting-edge data collection and software solutions ensure your business stays ahead. Optimize performance, save costs, get real-time insights and easily meet the new EU requirements. Meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive with ease using our CSR solutions.

Get expert CSR Consultation & Training

At CSR Innosolutions, we use our expertise to consult and plan your organization’s ESG sustainability. By implementing impactful sustainability strategies with innovative solutions, we help you foster a culture of responsibility and boost your KPIs’ performance. Prepare your CSR strategy with our collaborative CSR training, planning and courses tailored to your business.

Data is collected from your organization using APIs, processed and stored in the Cloud solution. Reports are generate using AI assistance to help you submit ESG report

Increase Sustainability with Streamlined Data Collection

Dive into streamlined data collection using our cutting-edge software approach tailored for emissions and energy data reporting and monitoring. With our API and AI solutions get real-time data insights, status and ESG reporting automation at ease. Alter your business’s green transparency and optimize KPIs’ performance to cut costs and save resources.

Data is collected from your organization using APIs, processed and stored in the Cloud solution. Reports are generate using AI assistance to help you submit ESG report

Key information regarding the latest EU regulations

Stay ahead with the latest ESG standards. To guide you through the new requirements and regulations, we’ve compiled essential information on ESRS standards, Double Materiality and CSRD guidelines for businesses.

Is ESG reporting compulsory for businesses of all sizes?

Starting in 2024, all businesses operating within the European Union (EU) with more than 500 employees including non-EU companies that have subsidiaries operating within the EU or are listed on EU-regulated markets will be obligated to comply with ESG reporting regulations. This move towards mandatory reporting is part of the EU’s larger initiative to promote transparency, accountability, and responsible business practices and to align companies with the region’s sustainability goals.

What is the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)?

The European Commission has introduced a new legislation called the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which aims to expand and amend the current Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD). The CSRD requires companies to provide more detailed reports on a wider range of environmental, social, and governance factors. The objective of the CSRD is to harmonize reporting standards and offer investors, consumers, and other stakeholders a clear and consistent view of a company’s sustainability performance. This is expected to contribute to the broader sustainability objectives of the EU.

What is ESRS, and why is it important for businesses in EU?

ESRS stands for the European Sustainability Reporting Standards, a framework designed to standardize sustainability reporting. These standards are a set of guidelines and practices designed to help companies identify, assess, and manage environmental and social risks and opportunities. The importance lies in aligning businesses with the EU’s sustainability goals, fostering responsible corporate behavior, and providing stakeholders, including investors and consumers, with reliable information to make informed decisions. ESRS plays a key role in advancing the EU’s sustainability goals and transitioning to a green economy.

What is Double Materiality in sustainability reporting?

Double Materiality recognizes that a company’s activities not only impact the external environment (external materiality) but are also influenced by external factors such as regulatory changes, societal expectations, and climate risks (internal materiality). 

External Materiality: Identifies and prioritizes external environmental and social impacts relevant to the company’s stakeholders, including customers, investors, and communities.

Internal Materiality: Assesses how external factors, such as regulatory changes and societal expectations, influence the company’s internal operations, strategic decisions, and risk management.

Be ready to stay compliant with the new EU directive!

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As we head into a new era of corporate responsibility, we want to help you prepare for the mandatory Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting requirements set to take effect in the European Union in 2024 for large businesses. Companies subject to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) must report according to European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) by the end of the 2024 financial year. Let’s work together to not only meet compliance requirements but also to leverage this opportunity for a positive change.

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