Automate ESG reporting process

Elevate your organization’s sustainability and transparency by automating and simplifying the ESG reporting process with software and data solutions. Ready to embark on your ESG journey? Tailor CSR-Innosolutions to streamline, and optimize your future business operations.

Corporate Social Responsibilty Service

For enterprises, we provide important benefits in terms of risk management, cost savings, access to capital, customer relationships, HR management, sustainability of operations, ability to innovate and eventually generating a profit.

Our Mission

With the focus on innovative approach for data collection through software and modern technologies, we are aiming to increase the incorporation of sustainability into business models and management of companies

Our Vision

We investigate in excellence, innovation and implementation in a sustainable manner. Of great importance for us is to highlight the positive environmental impact of the industry and to promote businesses truthfulness

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is crucial to the new way of doing business under a distinctive concept of CDR (corporate digital responsibility).

Nowadays, the aspects of CSR have the most essential and at the same time non-financial effect on the value of the business.

Our projects

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