Our Projects

At CSR Innovative Solutions we’ve worked with a number of different partners on projects in Europe.


EARLY aims to match the “old ways” with new generations through creativity to activate new trends (e.g. circular economy, community development) in low-density regions.


”EU Green Deal pops up in future generations newsfeed” (U.Pin) project. The goal of U.PIN project is to encourage young people to contribute to sustainability, to be active citizens and to participate in shaping the future.


Safe4all project aims to identifies smart, clear, and effective measures to guarantee safety inclusion of people with disabilities at work.

Environmental Protection and Climate Change

The aim of the project is to develop and conduct educational campaigns to raise awareness regarding resource management, recycling and circular economy.


The newly approved project- “Smart Agriculture Digital Skills” indicates the project’s strong focus on developing innovative digital tools that will improve and provide easy access to individuals within the farming industry. 

Culturally Adapted, Responsive and Informed New Generation (CARING)

Preparing the migrants to live in a new society, increasing their educational opportunities and chances of getting employment in the society.


STAY AFLOAT project aims to “Identify and interpret the early warning signs of a business crisis”, as an essential aspect of businesses success. The project is approved in Norway.

CSR 4 Tourism

Corporate social responsibility in tourism sector” – CSR4T project is aiming to help tourism business move towards the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Tourism by making them closer to CSR principles.

U.PIN Project Videos