🌱 CSR Innovative Solutions at Sustain Circuit Final Conference in Baia Mare, Romania 🌍

CSR Innovative Solutions had the privilege to participate in the Sustain Circuit Final Conference held in Baia Mare, Romania, where we showcased inspiring case studies, including Norwegian businesses, exemplifying sustainable practices. This event was a culmination of our collaborative efforts within the SustainCircuit project, funded by Innovation Norway under Norway Grants.

During the conference, we had the opportunity to present case studies featuring organizations that embody sustainability in their operations. These organizations were personally visited by project partners during their exploratory visit to Norway, Aurland, organized by CSR Innovative Solutions. We are thrilled to have shared these exemplary sustainable practices with a wider audience, fostering knowledge exchange and inspiration.

The SustainCircuit project aims to address economic and social disparities in Romania’s rural northwest (Maramureș region) by instilling sustainability in small and medium-sized enterprises. Through initiatives like digital tool development and green competency training, the project empowers entrepreneurs in Maramureș to compete globally while embracing sustainable practices.

In alignment with the Sustain Circuit project, we introduced participants to another of our initiatives, the Erasmus+ project CSR4T-Corporate social responsibility in tourism sector. This program aims to support tourism businesses in moving towards the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Tourism by enhancing their understanding and application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles.

Together, let’s build a more sustainable future!

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