🌟 Last week, the CSR Innovative Solutions team embarked on a memorable journey to the picturesque city of Turin, Italy, for the third Transnational Project Meeting of the DS-Farm project, hosted at Betacom’s headquarters 🇮🇹.

The “Smart Agriculture Digital Skills” (DS-Farm) project has a strong focus on developing innovative digital tools that will improve and provide ease of access to individuals within the farming industry.

The meeting proved to be exceptionally productive as we delved into the review of the results achieved thus far and assessed the status of the online platform slated to house all the collaborative materials crafted by our esteemed partners. Additionally, consensus was reached on the upcoming steps crucial for the project’s progression.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our gracious hosts at Betacom, whose hospitality exceeded expectations. They not only facilitated our discussions but also provided us with a captivating tour of their facilities in Turin, topped off with an enchanting guided exploration of the city center by night. This experience will undoubtedly remain etched as one of the fondest memories from our time in Turin, as we eagerly anticipate our final meeting in Norway!

#dsfarm #digitalagriculture #turin #ErasmusPlus 🌿

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