On the 8 of October, the Transnational Project Meeting took place in the scope of the EARLY “Enhancing Rural Elders to Boost Creativity in Agriculture”. The 6 partners have met in Lucera (Italy), in order to discuss and plan the EaRLY Model and other details regarding the management of the initiative.

EaRLY Model will be designed and protopyped throght a participatory rural appraisal methodology to research the state of the art of experience, practices, knowledge of elders and old generation – that invisible treasure that characterized the internal areas and that is going to be lost because new generations aren’t learning. The focus of the model is about how to share elderly knowledge to integrate intergenerational exchange and to enhance further the connection between technology development and green economy.
We believe that this face-to-face meeting between the different countries brought great benefits both for the successful implementation of the project and for the strengthening of ties between the different organizations.

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