In the Bulgarian touristic city of Varna, CSR Innovative Solutions, in collaboration with our Bulgarian partner Национална асоциация на социално отговорните работодатели (НАСОР/NASOR), hosted an illuminating CSR4T Multiplier Event. Participants were treated to an enriching exploration of the project’s advancements and their potential implications for the tourism sector.

The event served as a platform for attendees to delve into the core objectives of the CSR4T project and interact with its tangible outcomes. Through engaging presentations and interactive sessions, participants gained insights into integrating CSR principles into tourism practices.

The showcased project results included:

1️⃣ CSR Design Thinking for Competence Framework of Tourism CSR Expert: Aiming to foster innovative and responsible solutions, this initiative seeks to enhance the competencies of tourism experts.

2️⃣ E-Learning Toolkit Training Competences Design and Piloting Training and Validation: By crafting tailored training programs, this result empowers experts to support tourism organizations in embracing CSR principles.

3️⃣ Policy Recommendations Direct to Relevant Stakeholders in Tourism Sector: These recommendations aim to cultivate an environment conducive to CSR implementation, fostering collaboration between tourism entities and governmental stakeholders.

All project results are available on our website HERE.

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions, pose questions, and network with like-minded professionals, amplifying the impact of the CSR4T initiative on Bulgaria’s tourism landscape.

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