On the 22nd and 23rd of May, the dedicated team of CSR Innovative Solutions had the privilege of attending the Transnational Project Management Meeting for the Erasmus+ project CARING. This remarkable gathering, organized by our esteemed Italian partners Ierfop in Cagliari, brought together passionate minds from various countries.

During the two-day meeting, the consortium delved into the resounding success of the cultural workshops organized in each partner country. The exchange of ideas and experiences was truly inspiring!

At present, our focus is on the second result of the project, which is led by CSR Innovative Solutions. We are diligently working alongside our incredible project partners to develop captivating videos that explore the cultural adaptation.

We are thrilled to announce that these videos will soon be ready for release, and you can catch them on our project’s YouTube channel. Stay tuned for an enriching journey of cultural exploration and adaptation!

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