The inaugural independent forum underscored the commitment of socially responsible employers, aligning with our core mission and values! 🙌

With an engaged audience of over 100 people, the air was filled with inspiring stories and valuable insights.

A special highlight was CSR Innovative Solutions’ presentation of impactful sustainable practices from Norway. The conference was organized by our Bulgarian partner, NASOR. A sincere thank you to NASOR for their outstanding efforts in organizing this event! 🌐

This conference is part of the larger project, “Building a Socially Responsible Business Environment,” generously funded by Innovation Norway. In this initiative, CSR Innovative Solutions collaborates closely with our Bulgarian partner, NASOR. Together, we aim to strengthen cooperation in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and exchange best practices between our two nations. Representatives from the National Association of Socially Responsible Employers in Bulgaria were crucial partners in this transformative venture.

The project, officially titled “BSRBE – Building a Socially Responsible Business Environment,” holds a crucial mission. Our focus is to identify, enhance, and develop CSR policies in Bulgaria by incorporating best practices from Norway. This collaborative endeavor between the National Association of Socially Responsible Employers in Bulgaria and CSR Innovative Solutions is made possible by the generous funding provided by Innovation Norway.

Key objectives of our joint project include:

🌐 Creating Sustainable Social Inclusion: Contributing to a sustainable environment for social inclusion and equity, ensuring that all members of society can actively participate in and benefit from CSR initiatives.

💼 Advising Businesses: Offering guidance to businesses in Bulgaria on the benefits of CSR, helping them comprehend the positive impact it can have on their operations and reputation.

🌈 Improving Quality of Life: Exploring avenues to enhance the quality of life for employees, recognizing the significance of a healthy work-life balance and overall well-being.

📊 Assessing Value Creation and Risks: Evaluating the value creation and risks associated with CSR initiatives, considering their long-term effects on workers, investors, businesses, and the economy as a whole.

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