On December 1st and 2nd, we hosted our last TPM in beautiful Aurland, Norway and we had the honor to welcome all project partners.

The Erasmus+ project Culturally Adapted, Responsive, and Informed New Generation (CARING) aims to prepare the migrants to live in a new society, increasing their educational opportunities and chances of getting employment.

These were the main points of the meeting:

✅We discussed the interviews we held during Activity 1 and specified points to be completed.

✅We shared experiences with Escape Rooms in each partner country.

✅We pointed out important financial issues and outlined what has to be done to better disseminate the project in these last few months.

✅We marked what has to be done for the better Quality of the project.

✅We brainstormed ideas for possible further collaboration.

If you have not watched Caring captivating videos that show our project’s journey and achievements, we have the pleasure of sharing them with you on our official CARING project YouTube channel! 📺https://www.youtube.com/@projectcaring67/videos

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