CSR Innovative Solutions is kicking off, together with the involved parties, the newly approved project “Corporate social responsibility in tourism sector” (CSR4T).

About the project

This program is going to help tourism business move towards the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Tourism by making them closer to principles, pros and cons of CSR. This is important because there is shortage of qualified professionals/experts, capable of supporting small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, that understand, acknowledge and concretely apply the principles of CSR in their specific business. At the same time, in Europe there is no homogeneous situation between the levels of application of the CSR into the business. Also, the tourism sector has been one of the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and CSR can give a concrete answer to economic operators to overcome the current difficulties.

The “CSR4T” project will also contribute to innovation in VET and develop a new operative model for C-VET of experts, trainers and consultants that will allow spreading the application of CSR principles into the Tourism sector.

Project objectives
  • Improving key competences of VET trainers, acquiring digital skills, matching the program priority Digital Transformation; ;
  • Reinforcing and updating expert’s skills and competences on CSR topics, matching the program priorities Inclusion and Diversity and Environment and fight against climate change;
  • Wide application of CSR principles, within the touristic sector, that will foster companies to become aware of the economic, social, and environmental impacts exerted on the surroundings
  • Development of a range of cognitive and practical skills required to accomplish tasks and solve problems by selecting and applying basic methods, tools, materials and information, for the Experts in the field of accessible tourism; ;
  • To Promote, share and disseminate practical and operative knowledge of CSR principles within the touristic sector, allowing the touristic companies to apply within their business activities, better facing the new business challenges due to the COVID pandemic. ;
Project’s results
  • Tailored made training program to foster C-VET skills update of experts on CSR principles, based on the real needs expressed by the touristic companies;
  • Development of eLearning toolkit based on the results
Project’s target group
  • Young people (primary target group)
  • Teachers, youth workers and trainers (secondary target group)
  • SMEs, will have raised awareness on importance of appropriate training for their workers with disabilities.
  • PProfessionals that train, accompany, support PWDS in working places will improve their professional competences on the project theme and their performances, creation of new job opportunities, etc.
  • Workers with disabilities will benefit from new and more tailor-made and appropriate training opportunities according to their learning needs, thus better learning outcomes in form of professional and transversal skills, and in particular on safety at workplace.
Partners Involved

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