Our team is eager to share the newly approved project by the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education: Enhancing Rural Elders to Boost Creativity in Agriculture – EARLY.

EARLY aims to match the “old ways” with new generations through creativity to activate new trends (e.g. circular economy, community development, etc) in low density regions. Through the use of cultural resources, we want to:

 improve the quality of life in project areas, attracting new economic, financial, and human resources, improving social and territorial cohesion;
– stimulate local communities and authorities in applying community-based approach and participatory local planning;
– foster creative and innovative approaches, including development of new tools and methods, to the preservation of Cultural Heritage and its transmission to future generations;
 stimulate life-long learning and to provide a focal point for older persons’ reflections upon their lives and, and the meaning of cultural heritage for their wellbeing.
 Increase social cohesion, regional development, an enriched cultural environment, and intergenerational learning, while concurrently extending the knowledge base about the importance and roll of cultural heritage in supporting health.

Target group of the porject

EARLY project is addressed to:

  • Methodologies / guidelines – Methodological framework for implementation
  • Youth until 30 years old that are still in the school, that are looking for a work but they are missing it, that are thinking to migrate in the cities.
Project’s results
  • Research about the state of the art of each rural country partner about the profile of experience, practices, knowledge of elders and old generation;
  • Mind Maps and PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, Action
  • EARLY platform – Artistic and cultural activities
Project partners

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