CSR Innovative Solutions is thrilled to announce the approval of the” EU Green Deal pops up in future generations newsfeed” . (U.Pin) project.

About the project

The goal of this project is to encourage young people to contribute to climate protection, to be active citizens and to participate in shaping the future. At the same time, we will l is to equip young people with skills that are significant in a changing world. These include digital skills and media competence. This project also helps teachers, trainers, and youth workers to explore new methods and formats to develop new exciting and informative learning materials for the youth.

Project’s results
  • The EU Green Deal attractively presented for young people; ;
  • Youth Videos explaining the approach of the EU Green Deal;
  • Trainers manual for teachers, trainers, and youth workers to introduce the EU Green Deal within their teaching.
Project’s target group
  • Young people (primary target group)
  • Teachers, youth workers and trainers (secondary target group)
  • SMEs, will have raised awareness on importance of appropriate training for their workers with disabilities.
  • Professionals that train, accompany, and support PWDS in working places will improve their professional competences on the project theme and their performances, creation of new job opportunities, etc.
  • Workers with disabilities will benefit from new and more tailor-made and appropriate training opportunities according to their learning needs, thus better learning outcomes in form of professional and transversal skills, and in particular on safety at workplace.
Project partners

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