In a pivotal collaboration, CSR Innovative Solutions hosted Romanian partners from the SustainCircuit project funded by Innovation Norway under Norway Grants. This initiative, targeting economic and social disparities in Romania’s rural northwest (Maramureș region), strives to instill sustainability in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Digital Solutions: The SustainCircuit project focuses on developing digital tools and training for green and digital competencies, empowering entrepreneurs in Maramureș to compete globally while adopting sustainable practices.

Learning from Norwegian Pioneers: CSR Innovative Solutions orchestrated visits to exemplary businesses in Aurland Municipality, showcasing diverse sustainable practices.

Collaborative Ventures: The delegation’s exploration on December 6th included Sognefjorden Næringshage (, emphasizing collaboration opportunities in Vestland. 

After that, we visited a local farm in Flåm run by Daniela and her husband Terje, which underscored sustainable farming practices and local product showcases.

Sustainability in Energy and Aquaculture: On December 7th, visits to E-CO Energy Aurland (For en verden i balanse, med fornybart | Hafslund) highlighted renewable energy contributions.

Ecofisk ( was the next company visit that showcased a young company committed to sustainable salmon farming, aiming to develop Norway’s largest fully integrated salmon farm.

Culinary Sustainability: Marianne Cafe & Bakeri (Facebook) showcased sustainable culinary practices, preparing local dishes with eco-friendly ingredients, illustrating the role of local businesses in community sustainability.

Cultural Heritage and Luxury Sustainability: The final day included the Flåm Train Museum, celebrating the Flåm Railway’s history, and a meeting with Fretheim Hotel (Fretheim Hotel in Flam | Norways best) representatives. The hotel’s sustainable strategies were showcased during an elegant lunch, emphasizing local sourcing and the preparation of dishes.

Norway’s Best: Elevating Tourism: The visit concluded with a presentation by Norway’s Best AS (Thrill Your Senses | Norways best) at the Fretheim Hotel, highlighting its dedication to developing quality Norwegian tourism destinations. The brand aims to be a leading name in international tourism, including destinations like Aurland, Myrkdalen, Geiranger, Hardanger, Hjørundfjorden, Lofoten, and Narvik.

As the SustainCircuit project progresses, these experiences promise transformative impacts in Romania’s Maramureș region, fostering sustainability and cross-cultural collaboration.

Photos from Day 1

Photos from Day 2

Photos from Day 3

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