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Our team is expert in the key areas of CSR and in a combination with the innovative technology we are supplied with,you can be offered an outstanding service which includes:

Itemized consultation and training

✓ Tracing, maintaining and planning the conditions of sustainable environment in B2B development process;

✓ Transferring know-how, expandability of knowledge, customizing and overviewing results and data, user-friendly methods, using the most in-demand technology assisted by CSR data collection and monitoring platform.

Implementation of efficient CSR strategy

Improving the quality of life by addressing societal and communal aspects;

Boosting strategic transformation and skills in business assistance and knowledge facilitation;

Training and workshops for companies to facilitate the company’s process.

Digital visualization through interavtice detailed report

✓ Cross-sectional support scheme for SMEs of digital innovation and the importance of CSR for individuals;


✓ Interactive digital presentation and transfer-ability of the collected data by using various digital media channels.

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Martin Savchev

Martin Savchev


Martin Savchev

Martin Savchev


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