CSR Innovative Solutions is kicking off, with all partners involved, the newly approved project Safe4All – Safety 4 Disability: Inclusive Training on Safety and Health at Work for Workers with disabilities.

About the project

The global crisis of COVID-19 is deepening pre-existing inequalities. Persons with disabilities (PWD) who faced exclusion in employment before this crisis are now more likely to lose their job and will experience greater difficulties in returning to work.

It is essential to take an approach that is inclusive for PWD.

People with disabilities need a range of specialized interventions to access skills development and work, including assistive devices and access to employment services.

This project identifies smart, clear, and effective measures to guarantee safety inclusion of people with disabilities at work.

  • To enhance knowledge, competences and skills of educators/trainers that work with PWDs supporting their social and labour inclusion;
  • To enhance awareness on SMEs regarding safety & health of PWDs at work;
  • To promote knowledge, competences and skills of PWDs to work in safe conditions;
  • To foster networking and collaboration among different actors for the improving of training and support practices of workers with disabilities in work.
Project’s results
  • Handbook for the Inclusive Vocational Training on Safety & Health (S&H) in workplace for workers ;
  • Toolkit: Training For Trainers for Safety & Health in workplace of PWDs;
  • Recommendations for policy makers on how to improve Safety & Health in workplace of PWDs.
Project’s target group
  • VET organizations in the project countries dealing with issues on S&H in workplaces: They will improve their skills on S&H by receiving information from the project results and the learning resources available in the Online platform.
  • Public authorities involved in safety at work with policy recommendations or by been involved in the Local working groups: they will develop knowledge on good practices, and raise awareness on importance of appropriate inclusive trainings for workers with disabilities. Existing regulations should be revised.
  • SMEs, will have raised awareness on importance of appropriate training for their workers with disabilities.
  • PProfessionals that train, accompany, support PWDS in working places will improve their professional competences on the project theme and their performances, creation of new job opportunities, etc.
  • Workers with disabilities will benefit from new and more tailor-made and appropriate training opportunities according to their learning needs, thus better learning outcomes in form of professional and transversal skills, and in particular on safety at workplace.
Project partners

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