At the beginning of February, the team of the Erasmus+ project SAFE4ALL met in Italy for the second Transnational Project Management Meeting. BrainLog team was pleased to participate in the meeting with representatives from all partner organizations.

During the two-day meeting, we successfully discussed the project implementation and focused on planning the next steps.

The meeting featured the presentation of the initial course outcome’s draft handbook, a user-friendly guide for training aimed at improving safety and health at work for people with disabilities.

Result 2 was also a topic of discussion, where we started examining the actual learning requirements for developing the trainers’ course for safety and health at work for people with disabilities.

The goal of Result 2 is to enhance the competence of two kinds of trainers: occupational safety specialists and training professionals for people with disabilities.

We extend our gratitude to Gruppo Polis and the Cooperativa Alternativa Ambiente for introducing us to their excellent work. To learn more about them and our experience in Italy, visit the project’s website –Safe4all – Safe4all ( !

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