Stay Afloat Framework – a digital document available in English and Norwegian

The main object of this result was the identification of 15 situations experienced by entrepreneurs during the first five years of a new Company that can be helped by a coach in order to overcome the most critical difficulties by using coaching and Emotional Intelligence skills and tools and create a Framework. This output wants to asses and helps entrepreneurs (especially those low-skilled) to discover and develop the talents that are vital to starting, growing, and sustaining a thriving Enterprise.

The framework of this result has been the consequence of the research carried out by the eight partners of the consortium (I&F-Ireland, Forum Educativo-Spain, CPIP-Romania, CSR Inosolutions-Norway, Coworking Plus-Denmark, Die Berater-Austria, Innovation Hive-Greece, and Aproximar-Portugal) through surveys of entrepreneurs with businesses less than five years old, in each of the countries involved.

The information resulting from the surveys has made it possible to identify the 15 most dangerous situations faced by inexperienced entrepreneurs in the first years of a business. This will be the basis for starting work on the next result that is to create a curriculum and didactic manual with a training toolbox with complementary and additional materials to be used by the coaches with entrepreneurs (final users), developing dynamics, games, strategies and methodological resources (both for groups and individuals).



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