On the 27th and 28th of September, CSR Innovative Solutions AS organized a significant international project meeting in Flam, Norway. The event brought together key stakeholders from Norway and Bulgaria as part of the project “Building Socially Responsible Business Environment,” funded by Innovation Norway. The project aims to strengthen cooperation in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and exchange best practices between the two nations. Representatives from the National Association of Socially Responsible Employers from Bulgaria participated as crucial partners in this venture.

One of the highlights of the meeting was a visit to Aurland Municipality, where the delegates were presented with the Action Plan of the region. This engagement allowed for a firsthand look at local CSR initiatives and how they contribute to the social fabric of the community. Aurland Municipality’s commitment to sustainable and socially responsible practices served as an inspiring example for the visiting delegation.

The meeting continued at Frethmeim Hotel, where Norway’s Best, a prominent Norwegian company, welcomed the attendees. The company presented a detailed and intriguing showcase of their various CSR practices. This presentation shed light on how a successful business can integrate sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical business practices into its core operations. The insights gained from Norway’s Best provided valuable lessons for the visiting Bulgarian delegation, offering a blueprint for implementing CSR strategies effectively.

The project, officially titled “BSRBE – Building a Socially Responsible Business Environment,” has a essential mission. It aims to identify, improve, and further develop existing CSR policies in Bulgaria by adopting best practices from Norway. This project is a collaborative effort between the National Association of Socially Responsible Employers in Bulgaria and CSR Innovative Solutions from Norway, with funding provided by the Innovation Norway.

Key objectives of the project include:

Creating Sustainable Social Inclusion: The project seeks to contribute to creating a sustainable environment for social inclusion and equity, ensuring that all members of society can participate in and benefit from CSR initiatives.

Advising Businesses: It aims to advise businesses in Bulgaria on the benefits of CSR, helping them understand the positive impact it can have on their operations and reputation.

Improving Quality of Life: The project explores ways to enhance employee quality of life, recognizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance and overall well-being.

Assessing Value Creation and Risks: It evaluates the value creation and risks associated with CSR initiatives, looking at the long-term effects on workers, investors, businesses, and the economy as a whole.

Promoting Innovation: The project also considers the role of innovation in CSR and its potential to drive positive change.

The next significant step in the project is the organization of a Business Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria, scheduled for the 15th of November. This forum will bring together various Bulgarian companies and serve as a platform for sharing the knowledge and strategies gained from the Norwegian experience. Attendees can expect to explore innovative CSR practices and strategies that can be applied within the Bulgarian context.

The international project meeting in Flam, Norway, organized by CSR Innovative Solutions, marked a pivotal moment in the journey of enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility in Bulgaria. This project exemplifies the power of international collaboration and knowledge exchange to drive positive change. As the project continues, it holds the promise of not only strengthening the CSR landscape in Bulgaria but also inspiring a broader global dialogue on sustainable business practices.

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