🌟 The SAFE4all project Team is Thriving! 🤝

Today, our dedicated partners came together as a united consortium to dive deep into all the tasks we’ve been diligently working on.

Project’s Objectives

💡To enhance knowledge, competences and skills of educators/trainers that work with PWDs supporting their social and labour inclusion;

💡 To enhance awareness on SMEs regarding safety & health of PWDs at work;

💡 To promote knowledge, competences and skills of PWDs to work in safe conditions;

💡 To foster networking and collaboration among different actors for the improving of training and support practices of workers with disabilities in work.

Project’s results

🚀Handbook for the Inclusive Vocational Training on Safety & Health (S&H) in workplace for workers ;

🚀Toolkit: Training For Trainers for Safety & Health in workplace of PWDs;

🚀Recommendations for policy makers on how to improve Safety & Health in workplace of PWDs.

Our goal? To ensure top-notch quality for our potential users and make a lasting impact. 🚀

Collaboration at its finest! Stay tuned for remarkable progress! 💡

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