📢🌐 Today, we had a productive online project management meeting for the Erasmus + project UPin , with all our amazing 🤝 partners, and we’re thrilled to share the highlights with you! 🤩

🌍 With the U.Pin project, we aim to make the EU Green Deal understandable and appealing to young people. On our website, all project results can be found.🌍

🔝 We’re proud to announce that CSR Innovative Solutions took the lead on Result 2, and during the meeting, we successfully clarified the upcoming tasks and deadlines for creating the U.Pin videos. 🎥🗓️

📝 But here’s the best part: we invite you to participate in this journey! 🎉👏

🔗 Click 🔽HERE to watch the first two draft videos we’ve developed and share your valuable suggestions for further improvements. 🎥✨ We genuinely appreciate your input!

💙 Thank you all for your continuous support and participation. Together, we’re making a positive impact through innovation and collaboration! 🌟🤝

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