Culturally Adapted, Responsive and Informed New Generation (CARING)

About the project

Migrants’ inclusion has always been an important part of the migration phenomenon; however, it is today a particularly
complex issue. In an increasingly globalized world, the growth in the absolute number of migrants over the past 50 years
and the diversification of migrants’ origins, socioeconomic backgrounds and reasons for migrating have led to more social,
cultural, ethnic and religious diversity in receiving societies. As a result, the impact of migration
and diversity on social cohesion has become an important concern.

The 2016 European Commission ‘Action plan on the integration of third country nationals’ stressed participation in cultural
life as an important factor in creating a sense of belonging to the host society, a process of informal learning, and mutual
understanding. The Commission recommended EU financial support to cultural diversity projects through arts and culture.

Project’s main objectives

1. Promoting inclusion and diversity
2. Preparing the migrants to live in a new society, increasing their educational opportunities and chances of getting
3. Enriching their knowledge of the traditions, history, language of the receiving society.
4. Fighting loneliness through cultural integration

Project’s target group

    • First generation migrants: people who due to internal or external motivation come to live, temporarily or permanently, to
      another country
    • People who are helping to organize the activities: language teachers, escape room technicians.

Project partners