In November, CSR Innovative Solutions brought together locals and foreigners for a series of thrilling Escape Room sessions as a part of our Erasmus+ project, Caring! Participants were grouped into teams, tackling both physical and digital tasks that delved into the heart of cultural activities.

🌍 The activities covered a range of subjects, including History, Arts, National Holidays, Cuisine, Religion, Politics, Music, and Traditions. It was a journey through the rich tapestry of life!

🎉 Our participants not only had a blast but also gained valuable insights into various aspects of cultural life. Their favorite tasks included solving puzzles featuring illustrations from Kristofer Hivju and a delightful challenge centered around preparing their favorite Christmas dessert, Risgrøt.

🧠 The Escape Room sessions not only provided entertainment but also fostered learning and skill development. Participants left with newfound knowledge and the ingredients to create a delicious Norwegian dessert for the upcoming holiday season, Risgrøt.

🚀 CSR Innovative Solutions remains committed to innovating and creating engaging learning experiences. Stay tuned for more exciting initiatives! 🤓 #EscapeRoomAdventures #LearningThroughFun #CSRInnovativeSolutions

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