Last week, from the 9th of October until the 13th of October, we had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the UPin Learning Training and Teaching Activities in the stunning city of Palermo. 🌆

This training was organized as part of our Erasmus+ project, UPin. The project’s goal is to encourage young people to contribute to climate protection, become active citizens, and participate in shaping the future. Simultaneously, we equip young people with skills significant in a changing world, including digital skills and media competence.

A heartfelt thanks to all project partners and the participants for their active involvement, and a special note of gratitude to CEIPES, our gracious hosts and organizers. It was truly a pleasure to be a part of this training.

Here’s a glimpse into the 4-day Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) that unfolded:

Day 1: Getting Started

We kicked things off with an ice-breaking activity to get acquainted and dive into the main points of the EU Green Deal.

Participants explored various facets of the European Green Deal through the Green Transition Taboo and dissected its strengths and weaknesses in group discussions. 💡💬

Day 2: It’s Showtime

We delved into the concept of the Green Deal and learned the art of creating compelling short films. 🌱

Teams ventured to different locations in Palermo to capture footage for the final video, putting their newfound skills to the test.

Day 3: Mastering the Art

An expert shared valuable insights on proper video editing using smartphones.

We had engaging lessons on using tools like CANVA, Inshot, TikTok, and Instagram.

Participants applied their knowledge to produce captivating short videos.

Day 4: The Grand Finale

The moment of truth arrived with the presentation of the videos.

We even had our very own “Oscar” moment, awarding the best video based on established criteria.

We wrapped up the event with final feedback and a sense of accomplishment.

It was an enriching experience, and we’re excited to bring back these new skills and insights to our projects.

We’re delighted to share that our training in Palermo has successfully advanced the project’s objectives, and we’re looking forward to more exciting journeys ahead.

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