🌱 CSR Innovative Solutions is thrilled to share a major achievement! 🎉

Result 3 of the “EU Green Deal pops up in future generations newsfeed” (U.Pin) project is now available in both English and Norwegian. 🌍✨

Trainers Manual Highlights: 📚 Tailored for teachers, trainers, and youth workers. 🌿 Equips educators with creative methods to integrate the EU Green Deal into teaching. 🌐 Promotes environmental awareness among the younger generation.

Click HERE to Explore the English version.
Click HERE to Explore the Norwegian version.

The UPin project aims to encourage young people to contribute to climate protection, be active citizens, and participate in shaping the future.

A significant step toward a sustainable future! Explore the manual and join us in fostering a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness among today’s youth. 💚📖

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